Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pros and cons of teachers and students being facebook friends

I think almost everyone knows what facebook is; a social networking site that gives you the ability to communicate with your friends. With having facebook you may have to face problems like cyber bullyng and you may witness posts that may not be appropreate, but what if teachers were involved? Could that stop most facebook problems, or just make them worse?

Pros of having your teacher/ student on facebook could be, teachers can stop and report things like, cyber bullying, susides, murders and other problems students may incounter. Oh no, you forgot what page your science homework was, well don't worry because thanks to facebook you have your science teacher as a friend. Facebook can help you ask your teachers about school work when your not even in school! Facebook can also help a teacher reach out and build a better relationship with their students in a way that they can use and understand.

Now here are some reasons why teachers and students shouldn't be facebook friends and ways you can resolve those problems. School is like work, would you really want to be facebookwith your boss or employee? It would be unprofessinal and strange. Students and teachers have their own lives out of school and they shouldn"t need to worry about eachother outside of school. Another reason why teachers and students shouln't friend eachother on facebook is because they could start bothering eachother and it could even turn into herassment. If you spend 5 days a week and about 10 monthes a year with that teacher/ student the last thing you would want is to be almost scared of that person. A way to resolve these problems is to have a class facebook page that everyone in the class has acsess to and their parents as well, this would make everyone feel safer.

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